Taking time out….

no matter how busy,how lost,how crazy I feel…..I am living my promises to myself and yesterday in a crazy busy schedule……
In the midst of VERY bad and extreme weather in the UK just now….those poor poor people in Somerset.:( I sat and did a 10 minute meditative reflection on what I have…….what I am blessed by.

I just took my own advice and sat on a low wall (with my back to the sign informing me that I am indeed sat on the site of the Grammer school that taught Dylan Thomas) With my coffee and my Star Bar I sat in the SUN stared out over this blessed view that surely must have formed part of Mr Thomas inspiration I sat and was thankfull.

For all that I am,all that I have made happen, all that has happened to me and all that I wish still to be.

In the sun with that view what else is there but a place and a time to take stock and be gratefull

I am loved. I love. I am the luckiest woman on the planet and I give thanks to tge Universe!! Happy Saterday xxx





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