what is swdglass dreams all about? I hear you ask?

A not conventional student of a certain age doing my dream course reading a BA in Architectural glass at Swansea Metropolitan University.

I am blessed by Sophie Megan Davies my AMAZING daughter…..who has recently gradiated from UWIC with a BA in Fine Art Sculptre.She is my blessing & as well as working at Briony Theatrical Supplies, she runs an Etsy shop called Limefeltheart. She is currently my housemate as she has returned home to live me in our tiny home. We share our hearts and sofa with Darcy Bear our amazing dog!!

I spent 17 years living in Reading Bekshire having a challenging, frustrating/rewarding albeit sucsessfull career doing a series of grown up Corporate jobs in IT companies like HP & Dell in the South East of England.

I returned to Wales after a 17 year absence making my heart grow fonder for Wales.

I worked in S4c tv, Hays & Office Angels recruitment yuck!

then after loosing a good friend to cancer FAR too early for comfort…. I decided to take her advice ….to bite the bullet and JFDI…..just ^^^^ do it…

SO I did!!

I enrolled.
I had an Interview
I had an Offer
I started the Course September
2010 as a part time student at Swansea Metropolitan University reading a BA in Architectural Glass:
Decorative Techniques ie:
Sandblasting using with and without resists
Acid Etching using with and without resists with Hydrofluoric Acid
Visual Studies ie;Multiple uses of different media in various ways:
Life Drawing
Line drawing
Observational Drawing
My Journal
October 2012 I started my second half of my first year and am doing:
Design Practice ie:

Multiple workshop tuition of how to take my design and manipulate it to it’s maximum potential.

Design creation and translation into Cartoon, Cut Line, Black Line & finished Stained glass &; painted glass panels which are Leaded and Soldered using traditional techniques

Glass Painting &; Kiln Sealing of painted design and figurework to glass.


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