Money v fulfilment

SO true…..fullfillment and being at peace with myself,learning such an amazing skill set on my course……priceless…..:):):)

This week there has been a lot of media talk, about why in the UK, women are not getting high paid jobs.

This week I have met the most amazing women ….

Monday I had a meeting with Rebecca Buck a fantastic sculptor who has set up her home and studio in Pen-y-cae in the Swansea valley. She invited me to her home to discuss a business venture myself and the Brain (Margaret Southgate) is looking into … the setting up of a gallery. She offered advice and Tea and helped us with some of the decisions we have to consider.

Tuesday I went to the national museum in Cardiff to do some research. I met up with Sally Whyman & her very helpful assistant Helen (who is a volunteer). I couldn’t have asked for more help. They guided me through the fantastic collection of herbarium. Scanned anything I wanted…

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