Why I declare Mrs Phillips…..


“it is a truth universally acknowledged that there is surely no white in the Heritage Pallete”…. said Miss Sian at her painting class……..

…..after a suitable interlude Mrs Rachel Phillips responded that …….” why yes Miss Sian I believe that to be true, and that also I say that there is NO true black in nature”……..

Well now today’s painting class was just incredible!! For all the time I have been taking this class we have used pigment plus gum arabic plus h2O to mix paint for all our painting project’s……

Today we used pigment PLUS Lavender oil…………

OMDay’s…….it was just fantastic….

SO much more freedom to use it on top of our pre prepared black flat matt plus painted trace line surround……


The oil mixed pigment is laid on top of a lavender oil coating to my water based painted image….

Because oil + water don’t mix, just by using it mean’s that the water mixed base does not lift when treated…..so good!!!!



The mix is highly useable and had very soft lines it is just gorgeous……..

praise be to Mrs Phillips for teaching me the technique…..

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