GREAT food for thought on my first day back at Uni….






First Contemporary  Studies Lecture with herself , Proff Vanessa Cutler this morning…..all about our Dylan Thomas brief for the Centenary  competition…….

In truth I can admit to not knowing anything at all about this talented son of Swansea who lived his life and died at 39, writing most of his poems by 22……before Christmas when the brief was delivered to us.

Very glad I did some real work over the holidays on him because the on the spot call for a  to the group presentation felt authentic to the research I have done and plan to do….”Harmony” is the title of our Brief… seems to me he lead a life and made his work more of disharmony?

.My emerging idea is to develop his image/face essence on glass as a portrait by words in his words.  I adored discovering many of his quotes particularly..

“can the fishes see it’s snowing?
They think the sky is falling down….”

“you’re not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on”

“Do not go gentle into that good night, Rage Rage against the dying of the light”


“an ugly lovely town….crawling,sprawling…by the side of a long & splendid curving shore.This sea town WAS my world.”

“resting at the margin of the Carol singing sea.”

“we heard the sea sound sing,we saw the salt sheet tell. Lie still,sleep becalmed,hide the mouth in the throat. Or we shall obey,and ride with you through the drowned.”

AMAZING????? so simple and so powefull I want his features to be his words to give them to his face and make them him somehow?

I like the idea of presenting in a box in the kind of a pin hole camera or tiny theatre….into which the viewer may peep into slivers of his identity fragments of my perceived dis harmony in his life and work? using landmarks from then and now of Swansea too??ghosts creating a whole.

they should somehow be fragments, broken shards,tiny whispers of the echo he left behind of who he was?……so the sketches begin ……..let me now see what is born of this tiny idea?

should I share or hide my thoughts in this manner I wonder? or shouls I keep them just for me?…..but isn’t that what my blog is for?? to question and to record my work? to time stamp and to own it…..this is mine….watch this space…..

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