love it love it love it!!!


As a pre Christmas diagnosed Triple DDD girl…..saw this and LOVED it…..

After spending ALL my life to date believing I am not very smart, thanks to a VERY smart learning services specialist who works with my amazing (& and equally DDD +++ more) pal Sonya ………..I went through initial screening last week of term and have been diagnosed with……

Severe Dyslexia
Severe Dyscalcia
and mild Dyspraxia
& having Exceptional communication skills and above average Verbal Reasoning/Problem solving Skills has done a great job of hiding my other problems….

After getting initially VERY upset about the diagnosis I am now coming to terms with it and am just quite sad that it has taken this long in my life for it to be identified.  I can’t help think what might have been….but am determined instead to think instead of what armed with this diagnosis and support to overcome it AND the love and adoration of an amazing man and a superb Daughter and THE best friends ever…… who all somehow… me so much……Imagine if you dare….what now I can now become…….


Look out world…….here I am…..



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