Glass Painting Module……


Some examples that have gone into the kiln this evening to fire as I type away…..

The lovely Hannah one of my fellow student’s told me I was to fire it as evidence of my first attempt at painting this amazing Medieval Knight.  He is just SO amazing and stood in such an interesting pose for me amid his beautifull Architectural Tracery….

Our amazing Lecturer Rachel Phillips demonstrated HOW we should tackle copying it using a Crow Paintbrush and a 50/50 mix of Bistre Brown & Best Trace Black with a medium sprinkle of Gum Arabic. She of course made it look effortless and oh so easy to do, she is such a skilled accomplished & immensley talented artist whose work is just off the scale amazing.  We were shown how to shadow shade,paint beautifull tracelines,how to apply paint by Flooding an area. For homework last week we had completed our Heads of the Virgin and were critiqued by the High Goddess herself, then in one to one Tutorial’s we each had to pitch our proposed Historical Copy selected from the Archives of Ely Cathedral’s National Stained Glass Museum to her.

If you had seen him on Facebook appologies for the repition but thank you for naming the winner….for I have chosen and this year till May 13th 2014 when he is to be completed and handed in for marking with his 1000 word Assesment I am copying………..

Drum Roll………

May I present…..

Benedict Flutterbum….




This is Benedict & I getting acqainted at the Cathedral with an intimate time spent drawing his face…..which is beautiful.


my drawing side by side with Benedict…..

first of MANY drawings…..

He was painted in 1460………… an unknown English Artist from Norfolk……amazing 1460???

he is SO perfect he even stands amongst the HEART shaped cloudsimage





Welcome to my world Benedict……I am happy to know you.

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