oh no!!!!! Tempus Fugit!!!!!!!!!

it feels as if I only just wrapped up my first year of University and was planning a busy summer……so how come today is Monday again, it is Autumn, and it is almost Christmas?  hOW DID THAT HAPPEN??? I am just SO BUSY in my life and at University now that it seems as if I have not lifted my head up in months…….MADNESS??
Painting Module
  • So Painting on glass……..NOTHING like craft painting on glass whatsoever!!! The use of Glass Pigment and Gum Arabic and water and pallette knives and Ducks, large and small, and a new crow…..more uses for my badger than before ……..no panic not I have not started taking in livestock they are all names of brushes I have to use…..
  • Leading my glass once cut and sandblasted and painted……NOTHING like the world thinks it is at all!!! It does NOT involve any easy peasy sticky copper foil you merely run your solder iron over……NOPE not for me……I am HArdcore….. Lathakin;Oyster knife,Lead knife, Horseshoe nails, all designed in the 9th Centuary to manipulate cut and contain glass via…..LEAD>>>>>>>>>and yes we are learning true to the craft and we are doing it all as they did way back then….

I am practicing and reasearching and designing and journaling and drawing and no matter how much I do it is NEVER enough and I am utterly exhausted with it would seem very little output to show for my efforts or so it would seem………TWO weeks till the end of term????OMG PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HUMPF!!! and BAH Humbug!!!





and HOW is it almost December???
It has been a journeey this course to date I am definatley learning SO much and loving it more and more with each day

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