Do we have a choice?


In the Western World we have at the very least the freedom to make a choice. Because I have this democratic right of choice I choose to not allow September 11th pass without being marked in some manner.

The marking of it’s Anniversary is important because in my lifetime and to me at least it is the single most clear definition of evil wrong doing that I have personally witnessed. 

Of course everybody remembers what they were doing when they heard the Tower’s were on fire, it is an awfull and yet unforgettable moment and will be for all time.   I was at work, late for a meeting, starving, stressed and self absorbed, walking through a department in a team I managed when I passed by the TV screen showing that iconic disturbing CNN image of the first tower and it’s deadly grey smoke trail.

Everything stopped the rest of my day unfolded around that moment and what I realised changed who I am forever.

The evil that caused this event to unwrap itself in the World’s eye will never win, never prevail unless we choose to allow it to do so. 

Love thy Neighbour the Bible teaches us and that to forgive is Divine, my peace is an acceptance of both and a certainty that all Soul’s lost that day will be judged Divinely and I know in my faith that forgiveness and acceptance is key to moving on.

the Falling Man Full Graphic Documentary

In watching this documentary the perspective of the image of The Falling Man is explored and discussed in some detail, I found it’s resolution to be strangely comforting.

The annonimity of the figure is important as a message to all that watch it, it is always our choice.  I chose to live differently and am reminded by this anniversary that the choice I made was the right one.

My wish is for peace in the minds,hearts, lives and souls who were and continue to be touched by this tragic day of evil deeds.

Carpe Diem we have one life and how we choose to live it is just that….it is our choice. NOT doing so makes a mockery of The precious life we were gifted with. I am trying hard to live mine to it’s fullest potential…..I just hope you are too?

****this is my own personal oppinion and belief*****

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