The thoughts of who is thinking about you? WHO are they for, and WHO do they Serve???


I seem to have spent in my life to date an inordainate proportion of my time worrying about what “they” are thinking about me.  It would be a fair assesment to say that I have also tried far too hard to please everyone.


Ironically it is true that in trying to please everyone you never achieve your goal and end up exhausted,exasperated and hugely dissatisfied in the end as payback for your trouble.  Not forgetting that usually the people you were trying to please in the first place seem always to be unaware that you were doing anything at all for them, this can only make the entire event wholly unsatisfying for all parties concerned.

In the word’s of Edmund Blackadder….”life without you is like a broken pencil” to which Queenie and you dear reader would of course ask, “explain???????” the reply is of course “life without you is …pointless”


So at the ripe old age of forty nine and three quarters I am finally asking …….so Sian Elaine……what is the point…..??????? Why should I feel that I should :

* Attempt to ALWAYS please others.
* Put myself & my needs & desires last in all things.
* Always do what others ask/expect of me.
* To concern/dement/agonise about what others may or probably may NOT be thinking about me.
* Seek out knowing I will seldom or never gain the approval of others.
* To assume ENTIRE responsibility for fixing, compensating,replacing,distracting and or resolving, the worries concern’s and consternation’s of the Universe.

Hard task I am undertaking……

Learning to value myself and prioritise my needs.


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