…..heart for heart’s sake…..


I wanted to take tgem out of their tissue and hang them in my bedroom and so to unify them slightly I used some gorgeous glass bead’s threaded onto fine tiara wire, made into a loop with it’s end heart shaped …….of course!!!

Using the beads threaded to hang them…..I selected some more of my many hearts bought by me,made by me and bought for me….all much loved

a) The two wooden hearts were made for me from some beautifull reclaimed restoration wood, by my crazy assed  sister Wendy ( made under her direction by Gareth Lloydd) for my Birthday this year…..very lovely.

b) The metal white antiqued one with green motif on it was for my Birthday from my sister Kim…gorgeous.

c)I made the little glass one it is only small to make it I fused glass with some shards of very old antiqued glass that I fished out of the bin in the restoration room at Uni.  It is very sweet & I sandblasted a hole in it to hang it by……funnily enough when I did so the chamber/ bubble that has been created around the red old glass became all filled up with fine white sandblast sand ganules. If you shake it they rattle about and disperse like an egg timer…..so gorgeous!!!

d) The silver metal one is one I bought in Berlin a few years ago on a Business trip
……I saw it in a little shop when my own was quite broken ……and bought it to remind me that mine would heal…..and it has…..and so I hung it to remind me of times less happy and to be thankfull for a whole and happy heart ….

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