The building I have loved for all of my life….has closed it’s door’s to me.

Sat on Alexander Road The Swansea Architectural Glass School rests behind the beautifull canopy of trees that shelter it from the traffic, and from too much of the wrong sort of weather.

It was for a time partly used to house Swansea  library…..the council painted over the amazing hand painted fresco’s and borders with white gloss paint.  When the shelves were taken off the wall in the acid bay I was rendered speechless by evidence of these amazing wall designs, akin to hand painted wallpaper, hidden in the shadow of the brackets…….heartbreaking.

There are no words to express my feelings for this building I ate my lunch in every day when around the corner in a souless seventies towerblock in the first job I hated.

The building felt like a refuge….a sanctuary it has great resonance and spirituality….

and so here as a scrap of evidence for how much I love this place…

I helped count/move the very precious 100 years of past student art currently uncatogirised into a central archive repository….

Technically speaking this beautiful old building who survived the Blitz is still sat behind her trees, swathed in cosmetic opaque white wrappings and held up by a complex
helter skelter of scaffold.  She is sat awaiting the seemingly never achieved completion date. You who graciously and most gratefull that I am to you who follow me know that this past year has been, to say the least a huge challenge. 

The building company have defended us, almost deprived us of oxygen, certainly deprived us of light, nearly frozen us to death and threw the ceilings in on our head with the vague promise we would adjourn to our newly renovated home on the top floor of the building before Christmas 2012……they lied. 

The new floor is done painted polished and perfect, our Basement acid etched bay, sandblaster room, kiln room etc etc is speced up and just about perfect…….BUT……

Doh! The “keyhole surgery” the contractors attempted to repair the roof (albeit AFTER the decor was completed on our new nucleus of glass creation??? ) well now…………

………… the “keyhole “procedure did NOT WORK!!! And so in discovering the extensive rotten joists …..they now need to crack open the top of this very majestic old lady and commence immediate and drastic repair surgery. And so a building that looked like this…..pretty much perfectly perfect all my life…..

Has ended up looking like…..

This is what when finished she will look like…..

From this…..

And most tragically we have been told…… 2012-2013 course year will NoT be in this building….but in an ugly one festering up an evil hilltop…..I am so upset…….

An informative blog on old Swansea who has full credit for the amazing B&W photographs

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