Hot Summer nights, mid July. When you and I were forever wild The crazy days, the city lights The way you’d play with me like a child ……..

Lana Del Ray beautifull,haunting song that she wrote for Gatsby….love this song…..


If you have not done so yet,you should see Gatsby….it is just magicaly addictive viewing….Baz as Director and genius has used best of the best to help him deliver the most sensual,sumptious, visually & audibly perfect representation of 1924 to date. 

The seemimgly effortless use of Tiffany for the jewelry, amazing amazing costumes, flawless casting, JZ. to produce the music for which he and Baz somehow meld the best of hip hop with 20’s jazz make it all play out and unfold before you as sheer unadulterated rapturous splendour.

Collaborations with JZ ,Miss Del Ray and Brian Ferry etc etc etc……   musically make for……oh my days perfection……utter visual and audible perfection.




Amazing movie!  SO perfect.

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