Sweet Dreams are made of this…


I just “borrowed” this picture off a Facebook group called Wonderful world we live in. The picture of clearly an idyllic place in Portofino Italy, this location has subsequently been added to my bucket list of places I must visit.


So what is it that we “see” when we look at a picture of such unspeakable mouthwatering perfection,  or do we see anything at all because we have simply forgotten how to look?

When I was still “shackled” to the Corporate Hamster


wheel, I’d have “looked” at the view and immediately seen beyond the beauty, past it and seen only a reflected image of my working trap, seen it but not actually have been able to see anything at all.


It was as if back then that my interpretation and inward processing of such a beautiful image ,of everything I looked at was filtered, altered by the hamster wheel I was shackled to.


Don’t please misunderstand, my hamster wheel/career was a great one, I somehow managed to be extremely good at and derive a high level of success from the progression throughout my career, managing somehow to be rewarded by some amazing incentives. Also to have worked for, worked with and have working for me some extraordinary people, some I am fortunate enough to still value as friends and contacts even today in my new life.


How often do we really look, and unless we do how can we ever see?


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