Why does fox poo smell like Channel No 5 to dogs….

  On an extremley rare hot, AND sunny day this Wednesday I deceided to take Miss Darcy on an evening pre dinner stroll, so that she might off lead explore the borders of our local park………

Whilst I stopped to admire the very beautifull irises that are in full flower just now, my darling dog deceided to locate, honed in and proceeded with operation Fox Poo.


To those lucky reader’s who have NOT encountered the vile substance to date, I shall inform you that it black and oily and it STINKS to high heaven.

Yes enjoying the iris flowers only to glance up and see the perpetrator lying on her back paws to the sun rubbing her neck into  it, forcing it under her collar, then rolling around in the vile stuff wearing a smike of pure delight and happiness.

I eventually dragged her off her Channel No 5 (only to her… )scented spoils much to her disdain and dragged her away,wretching as I did.

As promised to her…. I have the photographic evidence to highlight her shame to the world!




She absolutely STANK…….I marched her home and then proceeded,assisted by the able dog grooming skills of my amazing daughter Sophie, to pour tea tree scented dog shampoo onto her and scrub…..

She of course thought this w as an amazing game and loved being rinsed down by the garden hose, whilst her two owners gagged and blugh’d till she was clean….

Let this be a cautionary tale to all dog owners……keep your pooches away from the Channel No5 eau de Parfum that all dogs adore…..yuck?!!!

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