in loving memory……..


I just attended the funeral of a man I had never actually met held at Margam Crematorium.


The funeral and service were attended by the loved ones of  Brian Bowen Devonald.  Brian lived eighty years in the same village in the house he was born in, he has left behind a wife children and grandchildren who all adored him and will miss him greatly.

My daughter Sophie was at University with his grandaughter Rachael and over the last five years of knowing her and her Mother Susan, and over many cups of tea and Spag Boll we have grown I think to be friends?


Well these terrible twosome always will be friends…..great ones 🙂

So when the sad news of Grampa Brian’s death made it’s way to us it made sense to attend the place where all my family rest and pay my respects.

After doing so I visited the place where both sets of my grandparents, much loved aunts and uncles have all been sprinkled under the grass in the same tiny area.  On this visit they are surrounded by Purple Rhodadendrums Bright green tree foliage and birdsong.


It is a beautifull peaceful place, no shadows or damage, everything receiving equal attention and reverence, it is I think a fitting place to end your Carbon existence collectively accompanied by your family.

I know that none of my amazing ancestors are there however, they are somewhere much better I am sure, hopefully forming part of the welcoming party for Brian.

Love and Respect to Mama& Dad; Nanna & Dad; to Gwen&Dick; Cassie & Jacky;Vernon& Gina;Jacqueline;Brian;  Arthur the Harries’ and all the ones before my memory began…..thank you,rest well and be happy, may I always act & think  my best to honour your memory and make you always proud. xxx

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