A tale of Scale & Perspective….


I just read a touching and sincere account by a loving daughter for the passing of a MUCH loved father.

My relationship with my own is sadly not a positive one, accepting that and moving past it, and understanding it has taken me a whole perilous lifetime of regret and uncertainty to accept that I am whole and as I am I deserve to love myself.

Being brave, being authentic, being me is such a relief after so much regret and uncertaintyin my life to date.

Perspective is SO essential in all that you are and all that you do…..just as in my art where I stand now can transform whar it is I look at….my recently attended lecture on scale & perspective teaches us to look further than what we are looking at and to question how it appears.

Lisa Burkl (gorgeous glass work shown above…)my amazing & inspirational lecturer built us a studio….and set us a brief….make snd display a stained glass applique window……

here is my window….


It is unlike a lot of my current work and abstract in design, a previous lecture with Lisa (see my blog post on it) taught us how to free up our desifn and alter the perspective in which it is seen….to consider the scale and proportion of it anf that of it’s surroundings.

So my Window hung at the studio window is….


….for you to see and to judge?….


I facebooked the images yesterday and had eight private emails asking me where this window was and who had painted it……..

…by far to date my kindest compliment has been that it reminds Jeanette of Harry Clarke’s work………huge compliment as I adore his work……and suprisingly have read lots on him recently and been looking at his work for my essay prep.  Obviously his work has influenced my brush strokes?

Anyhow whatever you think of it….I like it and as it is SO tiny….so does Taz…..


GREAT lecture……thank you Lisa Burkl……xx


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