Tea for two?….with my best friend don’t mind if I do…..

Great shopping trip with Wendy on Thursday last….we went to Pennard because going there covers three of ten personal favourite boxes of in my life…..

1) Spending time with one of my three best friends (made better ONlY by having all three of my besties in one place at the time….only happened twice so far 🙂

2) Road trip to the sea with 1)

3) Great food…..and Beads…..with 1) & 2


Wendy and I have know another for sometime but it does feel like I have known her forever, kindred spirits we are, we have most certainly eaten cake together and LAUGHED lots in eachother lives!


In this life WE have spent a great many hours laughing together through good times and bad and so she is my bedrock, I simply would not wish to function on a day to day basis without intervention in some form from her albeit in person, by text,email,Viber etc etc etc.


(NB: Highly important contextual note here to interrupt the rambling.Wendy Kim & Sally held me up, heard me rant,moan,weep and doubt all through my darkest times of my Divorce Packed up my house after my ex husband got it possessed by the bank, when all I could do was cry…and many manyother times before and since. The day to day visits and road trips, generosity and love from Wendy, daily calls and turning up with ford parcels and treats and love from Kimmy .Sally who is always there and hates to accept that I adore her for all she has done & continues to do for me….thank you girls)

For unending love and strength and the most unbelievable support….you three girls are my family ….my sisters from three other mister’s….xxx

I would NOT be here without you three….thank you for making me wait it out….and for loving me unconditionally whilst I rebuilt my life.

So back to our cake………. a regular jaunt of Wendy & I is a visit to Jewels by the Sea one of our two favourijte bead shops within cake consuming distance…

And surprising enough …here are TWO amazing eateries when you get to the village of Pennard / Southwick, I am never quite sure of what to call it as both names are used consecutively?

One is the Three Cliffs cafe, amazing place all home cooked ,fresh,locally produced,organic yummy food….



Also there is Maddocks tea rooms….incredibly good food…cakes to die for…please see picture above of my Enormous slice of Bakewell Tart with which I was offered Joe’s ice cream/pouring cream, or a jug of homemade hot custard …….oh my days!! I opted for the icecream!!! Amazing!!



Earl Grey……very good with extra hot water and glass teapot…..mmmmmm


Bakewell Tart….best ever so almond yum….

Sadly no website for “Jewels by the Sea”….but….

Marianne runs a tiny little blue and white doll house of a shop, which certainly possesses all the inward qualities of Doctor Who’s Tardis. Hidden in the most unlikely location and quite literally rammed to the rafters with just about every type of beading requirement a girl’s might never know she needed till she went there…. Sworofski crystals, glass beads, ceramic beads, semi precious beads, silver,brass,copper and Uncle Tom Cobbly and all findings to adorn them and show the world beads in their best setting.

And so…..Wendy drove us in Violet Petunia Lloyd (her purple Ford KA) and we availed ourselves of all three locationsi just mentioned…..mmmmmm…perfect day in perfect company….Wendy Lloyd you are amazing….thank you gorgeous…and I am sorry I inadvertently and with NO devious intention…went to the powder my nose just as the Bill arrived…..which you paid…..thank you!!!! When I am a workday renouned glass artist I shall of course reciprocate ….xxx


2 thoughts on “Tea for two?….with my best friend don’t mind if I do…..

  1. Oh my! Bless you Sian, for those lovely, lovely words. The feeling is entirely mutual – you have been there for me through good times and some really bad and I am SO lucky to have you as my “bezzer”. We do seem to eat a LOT of cake though, don’t we????? But to be fair we did walk from the bead shop to the cake shop beforehand……
    WHEN you are a successful Glass Artist, let’s always go and eat cake together….and with Kim and Sally too. xxxxx

    • Absolutley couldn’t agree more my lovely!!! You and cake are one of the certainties in my future, of that you may be certain, as to Kim & Sally joining us….I am confident that them not being included is as likely as my becoming the winner of Miss Universe 2013,2014-2018 consecutively. ; ) Thank you again for your love & support and I am looking forward to our jaunt later on today…..who only knows how much laughter and cake await us? : ) : ) : )

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