today Mathew I will mainly be….practicing my painting…….

  • so that I am in some state of readiness for tomorrow’s lesson…… here is one I painted earlier…. a beautifuly grotesque devil from the temptation of Christ Medieval stained glass painted panel I loved so much at the V&A last year… here’s the whole origional image….


    Dated 1170-1180 painted by an unknown artist in Champagne France. Medieval glass is breathtakingly beautifull, the colours and quality of painting is humbelling when I think just what it takes to just mix the pigment today. (see my earlier post about that! ) and how on earth any of this trasure remains despite efforts through time to the contrary escapes me. So much did I like it I wrote my first essay about it ….my first essay since 1987..for Historical & Contentextual Studies….for which I got a VERY unexpected…..yay me!! C.


    I’ll post what I do paint today later…..

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