to glass paint or NOT to glass paint…..

oh my days….

IF…….”just” mixing pigment & medium with a palette knife on a sandblasted glass palette (I forgot mine….ooooops!!)

….then using it for painting two borders & a section of a medieval head…as practice… sounds SO simple……




AFTER an hour of practice I can categorically confirm….. IT IS NOT easy!!!!

I swear I will NEVER look at another stained glass window the same EVER again… is so hard to mix the paint and get it to the exact level of consistency then paint with it. It dries out on the lightbox as you work and so it is a battle against that and painting techniques & brushes that cost a small fortune and…..oh my days……SUCH a steep learning curve!! they are a cooking in the kiln as I type and I think in a state of shock at having finished all three pieces I forgot to photograph the head I painted and all three on the kiln tray…..

Added to which tearing back to the car in pouring rain and no umbrella arms full of kit……

Somehow managed to loose a roll of A1 paper on my way to the car which had my finished hand drawn watercoloured & inked cartoon in it ..

…and about six hugely detailed watercolour works/paintings of my roundelle panel I have spent about three days working on…..

I retraced my steps in the rain.but no drawings….lost they are….

boo hoo…..

well as the saying goes……..its back to the drawing board for me…..


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