Once Upon A Time………

My love of books began one day when I was given five library cards by my infants school teacher Miss Phillips.  I can clearly remember walking hand in hand with Ann Bendl, my then bestest friend, our entire class were led crocodile style enroute to Skewen Library.  (Oh such was the glamour of my childhood days!!)


I remember how that huge room filled with books,made me feel, it was churchlike made me walk more slowly and whisper. Lined with many books on many shelves so many that I couldn’t even see to the top let alone reach.


Holding five library cards and having the entire children’s lending library at my disposal has stayed with me as a very important milestone, in fact probably my first unsupervised choice. Which book to select took me forever and eventually I chose just one………, A Bear Called Paddington.


In choosing a book I had taken my first step into reading discovering for myself so many stories that I am certain formed the way I think today.  Thank you Miss Phillips and thank you Michael Bond.

Dragons,Unicorn’s,Fairy’s & Mermaid’s are all characters in my newest interpretation of the second Project Brief at University.



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