Project Brief Number Two

A great tutorial last Tuesday (yes I wrote the post and didnt publish it) with the goddess of glass design Miss Lisa Burkl.

When I read through brief for my Design Practice Module it asks that I produce a Roundelle leaded panel that must be painted. I think this is the part of the course I most looking forward too & yet am dreading also?  I want to grasp & master this skill as so far in my degree although I am so facinated just watching others paint on lightboxes in the glass cutting room.

I have been playing with Watercolour paints for the whole course to date and have to say, I am starting to like them quite a lot. Not only do they mimic very well the quality of glass lending themselves to it’s translucent quality, but they also are very kind and forgiving of my lack of skill in their use.

So my remit for this second brief which is a combined Glass Design Practice & Glass painting modules project…using multi mediums and reseach to xplore the word:

……. “Reflector”

And what it envokes?

I have mind mapped it to the enth and decieded that my focus was the reflected options in childhood that certain mythical creatures envoke.

Mermaids, Dragon’s, Fairies, & Unicorns are always my most favourite and yet somehow the Disney cutsie version of each is so twee and sickly in comparison to what I see in my imagination.

For fairies & mermaids the closest I have in how I see them is when I look at Ed Org’s outstanding uncoloured interpretations in pencil.

Dragons….I love the ones in Harry Potter Tri Wizzard tournament movie…

And Unicorns are a white version of the Lloyds bank black stalion charging along a beach strong muscular powerfull….not my little pony..

And so my challenge is to interpret that into a leaded painted glass panel…..eeeeek!0:

Mucked about and doodled with watercolours.

Playing with ideas on the scales for the dragon & Mermaid.  I feel that that they would have unique markings on them when viewed up close?

And then in true SWD style…..I go 100% emergency stop/pause and deceide that I love the poem The Lady of Shallot is maybe more evocative?

Ran this by Miss Burkl and had a very productive tutorial on the subject.

Then all fired up and focussed I have had NO internet access at all since Thursday :(… today is most definatley a working day….Reflector here I come.


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