When will we stop,and remember to look at the beauty around us?

We live our lives and always seem to be rushed & stressed? It is an expected retort, I have noticed, when you meet someone you are expected to say ” oh I am SO stressed” and then to regurgitate a list of why while the other person compiles their own list mentally to repeat and complete the ritual. When I first stepped off the rat race, the absence of noise and interruption was initially a hugely welcomed relief, then when the silence settled I realised it is all of my own doing. Whatever I allow myself to feel is of my own choice, SO I am going to try and start a new habit…. My new habit is to notice the beauty that is all around me, to give myself a break and to try and gain greater perspective. I have lived at my little terrace house for twelve months now and at the top of my street as you turn into or out of it, there is the MOST perfect house. It sits at the end of a row of houses that are all “updated” and UPVC’d and modernised. The whole row of stone Victorian terraced homes stand and face a very busy road and a stressed and manicly busy population chug past them without the merest glimpse at what it is that sit’s at the end of the row on the corner of my street. I have noticed it from the very first time I turned into my street. It has sat there and let me look at it many times, watching me watching it through its milky murky windows with forgotten yellow net curtain`s. Darcy & I very often have crossed the very busy road and stood on the pavement and just looked at it. Perfectly untouched, unspoiled, unmodernised, it has watched the traffic pass and remained precisely what it is, true to itself, unchanged by anyone. I have many times wanted to walk down the path and turn the handle to it’s perfect front door & walk inside for a visit. I knew something had happened when one morning when Darcy and I stopped to watch it and noticed that the path had been cleared of the many overgrown ferns and the downstairs curtains were drawn. Our suspicions were unfortunately rewarded with the very unwelcome arrival of a white plastic downpipe to the right of the perfect green front door? Then the net curtains in the upstairs windows were still there but orn and hanging limply and someone had rubbed all the wonderfull milky murky glass with a rag and made smeared attempt at allowing the stressed and busy modern world in. My worst fears were confirmed when Darcy, Wendy, Sophie & I were taking a walk to the bakery and I stopped at the top of the path and looked at the house. For some reason that day I took out my phone and looked photographed the little house just as it was. I


I think I wanted to have a picture to remind me of how it looked. Snap, now I will take another, snap only in this one a smiling man is stood in the open doorway? After the very lovely smiling man welcomed us into the house my heart sank as he listed all the improvements & moderisation’s he has planed for it.


perfect front door….


off to the reclamation yard.


one piece of internal glass….about tow taken out and sold to reclamation. So my much loved piece of the unspoiled is being changed, and not for the better. And so it will evolve, be modernised, updated, be changed outwardly beyond recognition I’m certain, but it will also gain a smiling man and his family who will I hope fill it’s sad and empty dusty forgotten beautiful rooms with noise laughter & stress. I hope that the empty perfect Victorian time capsule will move on and take it’s place in the crazy modern world with the rest of us…. I for one will wish it well, wish it luck and miss it dreadfully.


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